[thelist] Must a webmaster know databases???

Jonathan Distler jdistler at hastingsgroup.com
Thu Dec 14 09:02:25 CST 2000

Hello all,

Great thread! Two comments:

First, you've got to decide what your professional goals are and evaluate
your job's role in reaching those goals. I like doing web-database
integration and believe that's where it's at and that's where I've
concentrated the majority of my training efforts (Cold Fusion and database
work). Of course you can't do everything, so lots of our graphics work I
farm out....I consider quality graphic design to be it's own (very
important) niche and one frankly I'm not interested in mastering. My boss

Finally, I also agree with Bekah: train replacements! if it's just you in an
IT department and you want to take some time off of work now and again, or
not get called in from home when you're sick because a client needs
something posted to his site, you need help!!!!


Frank wrote:
> The most wicked thing you can do to a company is to become utterly
> invaluable, to the point that they could not live without you, then
> to demand a huge raise to keep you from quitting. <evil grin>

I don't know where the quote comes from, I friend sent it to me some
time ago: "Never be irreplaceable because you will be non-promotable".
Always train a replacement ;)


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