[thelist] File search program

Lauri Vain optima at hot.ee
Thu Dec 14 16:58:07 CST 2000


I need a program which would be a bit more advanced version of the Windows
program "Find files or folders".

I have to add some HTML/PHP elements/functions to each page... The problem is
that some programs already have them and it's a pain to go through 100-200 more
files with a text editor to find out that they already have the nescessary tag
in it.

The "Find file" program should be able to:
- search based on file names
- search based on file types
- search based on file date
- search after text included in the body of a file
- search for files which don't have somekind of a text in thir body
- it would be nice if it could do regular expressions

Thanks for your time!


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