[thelist] Framed

Delgado Azorín tertulia at mail.internet.com.mx
Fri Dec 15 12:47:38 CST 2000


I´m building this site for a friend´s business. Never mind the dead links,
or the missing pictures; I´m waiting for the material. My problem is this:
On leftmost frame (LF) there is a products/services index. If you select,
v.g., the link "industriales", the middle frame (MF) shows a new index. You
select one of this, and the specific product, w/photo is displayed on the
rightmost frame (RF). Now comes the problem:
If you select another link from the LF, the RF remains the same until you
pick a different link on the MF. What I need is the default screen on RF to
show automatically when you select any link on the LF.
   I´m a novel designer, and I´m not really smart either. Help!
The adress (almost forgot) is
Thank you.


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