[thelist] New Site in IE 5.5 - Evolt.org

djc djc at five2one.org
Fri Dec 15 13:57:44 CST 2000

(bear with my lack of windows saviness).. 

is there a setting in IE that will turn off the default IE error pages,
and let IE render what the server is sending you for an error page

If there is, try it and let me know what(if anything) changes, or if you
can paste any more info.

Thanks bunches :)


On Fri, 15 Dec 2000, Michele Foster wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> Win 98 (version 1) on IE 5.5 and then on IE 5.5 with SP1.  Neither will work
> for me.  Very odd indeed.  NS 4.7 works fine on this end.  Could be a
> default setting that I've changed in my IE that's messing things up.  No
> idea what it could be though.  Have even tried copying URL from NS to IE and
> going to the page that way and still the dreaded 404 error page.  And, it is
> IE's error page, not a customizable one.

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