[thelist] CSS applied to textboxes

James Aylard jaylard at encompass.net
Fri Dec 15 15:04:41 CST 2000


> Is it possible to apply styles to a select box? I *think* I've
> seen it done,
> but can't remember where, and I've gone nuts trying on my own. I can
> get them to work for everything else but.

	With IE 4+, you can apply certain properties to a <select> element.
Offhand, background-color, color, and font-family (and I believe the other
font properties) will work. You can also use positioning (top, left,
absolute/relative), width, height, etc. No border settings will have any
	If you're talking Netscape 6, I believe most any CSS property will work.

James Aylard

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