[thelist] advice for coders

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 15 22:27:31 CST 2001

hell, yeah... very nicely explained and such, and doesn't matter the 

one part that i can't stress enough is the flowchart of how the 
application works... this is just as important to the client as the 
programmers... too often i find clients don't understand how things 
are gonna work, even though it's their application...

having this thorough methodology provides lots of documentation 
for those who deal with the clients... and the flow chart is that one 
point of contact where they understand it (usually) and can sign off 
early enough in the process...

great link, think i'll keep it...

> From: Jay Greenspan <jay at trans-city.com>
> This is from a series of articles at Zend (the makers of the PHP engine).
> The first two portions were very PHP-specific. But this final installment
> has some pretty general coding advice that seems pretty reasonable.
> good stuff, I think
> http://www.zend.com/zend/art/mistake2.php   

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