[thelist] re: IE4 installation

s t e f stef at nota-bene.org
Tue Jan 16 06:23:31 CST 2001

[sender: Mark Gregor || date: 11:07 15/01/2001 -0500]

>I had this problem (running ME and wanted IE 4 alongside the preinstalled 
>IE 5).  Below is what the helpful folks at Microsoft said (it basically 
>can't be done without a dual boot).
>It's really crazy that Microsoft doesn't allow this kind of thing.
>-----------From Microsoft Technical Support-----------
>(...)The only way to get IE4.x working alongside IE5.5 is: if you have
>Windows98 or Windows95 which has IE4.x installed on your computer,
>upgrade your IE4.x to IE5.5 with the compatibility option enabled.

 From what I've heard, this "IE4 kept for downward compatibility" is a 
false IE4, more like IE4 on steroids. (because it uses some of IE5's 

s t e f

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