[thelist] Spectra on W2K

Raymond Camden rcamden at allaire.com
Tue Jan 16 12:37:37 CST 2001

I've never had problems running Spectra on Win2k, but of course, I could
have been lucky.

Is your adv. sec. system still using Access or have you upsized the policy
db to an enterprise db?

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> Does anyone (Ray?) have any experience installing Allaire's Spectra 1.0.1
> eval on Windows 2000 (pro or adv).
> I've tried installing it on 3 different computers, with a whole array of
> differences, but the things in common between them are W2K, CF 4.5.1 sp2,
> and advanced security enabled.
> On all three comps the package is installing fine, but when it comes to
> running the webtop, it get's messy.
> The most common errors I'm getting have to do with the advanced security
> (which is installed and enabled).  I've deleted and recreated the sc1
> security contexts as Allaire suggests, completely uninstalled and
> reinstalled CF and Spectra.  I've made sure that no remenants of Spectra
> exist in the registry.  In step 4  (the security test) the CFAUTHENTICATE
> tag either has a problem, or the security test simply reports
> that Advanced
> security should be enabled.
> On a 4th computer I've tried installing the single user version, and the
> first step within the webtop I get an error (cannot connect to datasource
> cfaobjects, which is properly registered in my cfadmin, although
> it does not
> verify). I've messed with the Sybase (forget the name, reminds me of
> Enterprise Manager for SQL) and I cannot connect to cfaobjects (don't know
> the password).
> I'm considering trying to put it on a NT 4.0 box as soon as I'm
> done writing
> this so that I can get rolling with Spectra.
> I'm an advocate (perhaps fanatic) of ColdFusion and Allaire, but
> it seems to
> me that a steeply priced product such as Spectra should be a little more
> robust in it's install.
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