[thelist] Image ready 3 on mac waaaaay slow?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 17 16:58:31 CST 2001

> From: "Annie Rex" <arex at BaseSix.com>
> <snip>it makes us feel pretty...<snip>
> You smell pretty nice too...

why, thanks... i just spilled Jolt on my lap, that might be it...

> <snip>given what PS was designed to be (a tool for print), vs. what they are
> trying to make it (a tool for print *and* web), i think they've done well...
> granted, it's taken them a while to get rolling, but PS is a product
> designed to a whole lotta stuff... <snip>
> My issue is that it doesn't do the web well. Print is a whole other thing...

for me it's worked wonderfully... especially since i do a lot of photo 
manip (so i work in ultr-hi res all the time) and work with a lot of ad 
agencies (so i get CMYK files all the time)... as such, i was hard to 
convince there were other tools out there that could do a better 
job... of note, however, is i used Debablizer when i first started web 
work, since PS had no easy way to manipulate the color palette...

> I still haven't heard any satisfactory answers. Mostly testimonials to how
> bad it can get. I'm guessing it's b/c Adobe keeps reengineering and adding
> to the same product & hasn't started over w/ a new product design in too
> long.

to bring it full circle and back on to the original topic...

i've found that exchanging text-heavy PSDs with agencies, 
esepcially when i don't have the font and/or it came from a Mac (i 
use a wintel box), IR will chunk like nobody's bizness... a lot of that 
got resolved when i upgraded to win2k...

so first, eliminate any possibility of it being file-specific, and take it 
from there...

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