[thelist] Evolt in Austin .. Deadling

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Jan 17 23:38:31 CST 2001

Hi folks,

At the moment there is no possible way I can go to Evolt .. but, if luck
should go my way for a change.. is it possible that I could still go even if
I don't make arrangements until late February?  I'd really like to meet
ya'll .. but money's real tight at the moment .. and have to watch every
penny. I may be looking into borrowing some air miles off my dad's account
.. gotta do some serious begging for that <G>



P.S.  Dave, what did your flight cost?  Rudy, have you made your


Michele Foster
WordPro Services
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
mailto:michele at wordpro.on.ca

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