[thelist] font ID?

A. Erickson ilsa at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 19 12:56:41 CST 2001

> not trebuchet, the curves in the f, r, n, m, etc. are off... but it would
> be passable...  looks like an officina,

I'll check into that.

> but i can't find a copy
> anywhere to check... crap... i'd just use trebuchet if you don't have
> any info, and work on making that the standard...
> boy, i hope your client isn't on this list... heh...

Heh... they're the ones who don't know what the font is and don't have a
clean enough copy to use in their new designs. Bummer, that. I think if I
can get close enough then everyone will be happy scrappy.

- amanda

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