[thelist] superscript woes

gyrus gyrus at mail.com
Fri Jan 19 20:37:31 CST 2001

> ok, got a ® symbol that i want to be superscript,
> but that i don't want to have push my line-height/
> leading all out of whack... in IE this isn't a problem
> (obviously), but in NN it is...

I'm just HTML formatting loads of old articles from a
magazine, trying to keep them as structural as possible.
I settled on this for superscript:


<small> is kind of just a 'visual' tag, but it's not
deprecated, and it works in IE & NN as far as I
can see =)

for now,
- Gyrus
gyrus at mail.com
work: http://www.tengai.co.uk/steve/
play: http://www.norlonto.net

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