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Rob Keniger rob at bigbang.net.au
Sun Jan 21 07:10:31 CST 2001

on 1/21/01 5:52 PM, Frank at framar at interlog.com wrote:

>> My question is, is it possible to have Java access a webpage and it
>> not be known to the user?
> Why would you want to do this? The minute someone wants to run an app
> on my machine without my knowledge, I questions their intent. I
> usually turn my java off, most apps crash my browser. Java is dead.
> It's always been dead. Since birth. Java is essentially a marketing
> trick with little value. It's slow, ugly, kludgy and crash prone. As
> far as I can see, there has yet to be a legitimate implementation of
> Java that couldn't be more properly dealt with, with another solution.

As far as browser-based apps go, I largely agree about the performance
problems you mention, but for server-side solutions you couldn't be more
Java is fast and powerful and is used in many high-end server applications
as well as by application servers like WebObjects and WebSphere. Java
applications using servlets and JSP are also flexible and fast.

Java is purely a programming language (and a reasonable one at that) and its
performance is largely dependent on the implementation of virtual machines.
You cannot judge Java on the basis of some browser-based game or similar
running in a half-baked VM implementation.


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