[thelist] Dangerous Colors

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 24 10:34:40 CST 2001

> From:n.haldimann at derbund.ch (Niklaus Haldimann)
> hmm. the color-nitpicky client seems to be some sort of urban myth on this
> list. ;-) i've never had one, that complained about colors not matching
> exactly with their existing CI or whatever. but then, i might just be lucky

have i ever told you about the client who pulled out her Pantone 
Web Palette book?

this person reaches into her desk while previewing a site we built 
from her design... she pulls out a Pantone book with 216 color 
chits, and holds it up to the monitor...  she then turns to me and 
says that the colors don't match and i need to fix them... and she 
knows i got it wrong, because her Pantone web palette book says 

i try to explain about monitor calibration, gamma, colors from light 
as opposed to from pigments, even point out that her precious 
book is printed in 4 color CMYK ink, and it is trying to represent an 
RGB color gamut that it cannot exactly reproduce... i even show 
her how the colors typed in to Photoshop are different from her 
book when viewed on her own system...

i was tempted to spin her brightness knob when she turned away...

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