[thelist] PHP3 Vs. PHP4

Andy Warwick andy.war at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 25 06:49:31 CST 2001

on 25/1/01 10:36 am, Mr Sirio at mrsirio at mail.com wrote:

One word...


PHP4 does sessions much better that PHP3, so if your boss wants people
tracked as they visit your website, or wants to set up shopping baskets (and
which boss doesn't understand that as a motivation :) you can do it far more
easily in php4.



Andy W

> Hello everybody!
> I got to explain to my very ignorant boss why to host our new big php site
> on a php4 server instead of php3 one, i'm just a designer & i'm writing that
> for the programmer that's busy right now... the only  BIG difference that my
> boss can see it's the price (about 150$ for the php3 & 300$ for the php4
> (50Mb each).
> Now we want to put everything on the php4 one 'couse everybody's know that's
> faster but i need some kind of "stupid" motivation, something my boss can
> understand... becouse he don't give a F##k 'bout 15% faster for 100% more
> expensive...
> Hope to have been clear, tnx so much by now!
> Sirio Magnabosco, Italy

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