[thelist] Re: correct code (was radio/checkbox usability)

Rachel raggle at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 26 21:14:31 CST 2001

Jake Stetser wrote:
>I understand their concerns, but I believe in good code myself and will
>continue to push - I need to find better reasons, however.

Here are just a few reasons:
- if your code is standard and uses CSS and is accessible, your 
company is less likely to be sued by a disabled user (a bank I did 
some work for was sued because their Web site was not written in an 
accessible manner).
- longevity of your pages - your pages will work in browsers in 
year(s) to come if you code to standards - the code won't have to be 
- it makes it easier (=quicker & cheaper) for someone else (or 
yourself) to edit your code, especially across multiple pages.

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