[thelist] Site critique, please?

Charles Johnson cfj at mac.com
Fri Jan 26 21:42:31 CST 2001

"Mart' Woollatt" <wollocks at swellchaser.co.uk> wrote:

> Looks clean enough to me on NN4.6/IE5.5 WinME 1024 x 768. Appeared to load
> quicker on IE and apart from the links text at the page bottoms being a bit
> too small in NN; as someone who surfs (www.swellchaser.co.uk) I'm bound to
> be a bit biased ;o)
> Nice one.
> later
> Martin Woollatt
> Martin, Lincs, UK
> http://sumar.freelancers.net

Thanks for checking, Martin, and for the compliment! It's beginning to look
as if earlier versions of Netscape are to blame for the missing background
problem-- i.e., prior to 4.5x. Probably nothing I can do about it, and I'm
pretty unwilling to give up this nice liquid design for an out-of-date,
bug-riddled, CSS-challenged, &*$%^#(*... OK. I'm calm. Netscape got me going
again. But I'm better now.

Charles F. Johnson
Little Green Footballs Web Design

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