[thelist] Bothering with browsers?

Johannah Hubal johannah at hubal.com
Mon Jan 29 10:38:31 CST 2001

Hello the list:

To what extent are you guys browser-testing? Are you bothering with the new
MSN browser, or the Lycos browser, different versions of AOL, webtv, etc?

I recently set up a testing lab at home and am considering myself pretty
liberal with the browser testing - four pcs with different monitors at
different resolutions, a crappy pc laptop, a gorgeous pc laptop, a mac with
two monitors (one 21", one 15"), a Linux box with appropriate browsers, an
AOL account, the usual browsers back to 3.0, the MSN browser, the Lycos
browser... at what point is it madness? My husband is thoroughly amused at
me darting around the room muttering to myself ("good, good, damn you
netscape! very good aol, ugly browser msn, very good mac ie 5.5"). I'm
thinking about getting webtv, but then I found myself considering purchasing
three different-sized TVs...

Anyway. With every portal developing its own browser, what do you do?


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