[thelist] Bothering with browsers?

Tijs Teulings tijs at framfab.nl
Mon Jan 29 10:59:31 CST 2001

I check the site on every browser that has a user base bigger than 1% and on N6. Unless the client
explicitly asks for specific support or the site target audience is known to have a bit of a
different than normal setup (ie. a linux news site or something like that)

currently this would include:
- Netscape 4 and up (mac/win/linux)
- IE 4 and up (mac/win)
- N6 & Mozilla (mac/win/linux)
- Opera if it's not too much of a bother (think clipping)


> Hello the list:
> To what extent are you guys browser-testing? Are you bothering with the new
> MSN browser, or the Lycos browser, different versions of AOL, webtv, etc?
> I recently set up a testing lab at home and am considering myself pretty
> liberal with the browser testing - four pcs with different monitors at
> different resolutions, a crappy pc laptop, a gorgeous pc laptop, a mac with
> two monitors (one 21", one 15"), a Linux box with appropriate browsers, an
> AOL account, the usual browsers back to 3.0, the MSN browser, the Lycos
> browser... at what point is it madness? My husband is thoroughly amused at
> me darting around the room muttering to myself ("good, good, damn you
> netscape! very good aol, ugly browser msn, very good mac ie 5.5"). I'm
> thinking about getting webtv, but then I found myself considering purchasing
> three different-sized TVs...
> Anyway. With every portal developing its own browser, what do you do?
> Thoughts?
> --Johannah.
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