[thelist] Site critique, please?

Charles Johnson cfj at mac.com
Mon Jan 29 11:19:31 CST 2001

"Peter Beckler" <naplescom at yahoo.com> wrote:

> No, don't know why, but now it looks OK. Didn't change anything. Maybe my
> internet connection from Bangkok. Even the links below the rollovers on the
> menu bar were showing a light blue background, but now they're fine. ??? You
> didn't change it?

It probably was your browser cache then. The old CSS file was in there from
your previous visit, then you browsed around enough to push it out, and when
you went back to the page it reloaded. Glad to hear it's working; I'd hate
to think I now have to worry about IE5.5 too!

> Just curious, but why do you think that gifs exported from Fireworks could
> cause a problem?
> I love working with Fireworks; saves a lot of time I think. Just keep most
> everything transparent... never noticed a problem.

I don't have a reason to suspect Fireworks; I'm just speculating. I'm a
Fireworks fan too, it's a wonderful tool and I probably use it more than
Photoshop these days. (Although Photoshop is still waaaay better at some
things, like creating masks.)

That's why I wrote "It sounds crazy..." I'm flailing about in a void,
because I can't reproduce the problem myself. The only clues I have that are
solid are:

1. It only shows up in Netscape 4.x. Navigator AND Communicator. Version
doesn't seem to matter.

2. It only shows up in Windows, not in Mac OS. But not all Windows users see
the problem. So far I haven't been able to narrow it down to a particular
version of Windows.

Well, I guess I'm not really in a void, because the list members have been
great about trying to help! Thanks, folks...

Charles F. Johnson
Little Green Footballs Web Design

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