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Johannah Hubal johannah at hubal.com
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It seems like intranet design is getting 'hot' again. Isn't it strange how
almost nothing has been published on intranet design - I own the only two
books that I know of - and yet it's a big shady area that every 'corporate'
designer has to face at one time or another?

Why do you guys think intranet design was so overlooked last year? Because
it's hard to display in a portfolio? Until the middle of 2000, my best work
was on an intranet site that was private and confidential - pretty
frustrating to spend 6 months working on something that I couldn't show to
clients. :)


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There's an article on the New York Times today with some of the benefits
companies such as IBM and Ford receive through their intranets.

Also, of interest, how Microsoft implements some of their intranet
informaton. http://www.microsoft.com/business/HowMicrosoftWorks/default.asp

A general strategy article: http://www.cio.com/WebMaster/strategy/

I'm pretty much interested in this subject as well. I've been doing a bit
with this the last few months.

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