[thelist] How can two folders be synchronized on NT?

Billy Hutton BillyH at phx.effectnet.net
Mon Jan 29 13:00:39 CST 2001

You might want to look at "BXCopy".  It's a "background backup and on-modify
directory mirroring utility".  It's what we use to synchronize our web
server farm.  Upload files to on folder on one machine, and the other
machines are updated automatically.  I'm sure the utility would still work
if the source and destination files were on the same machine.

If it's just for IIS, you might just want to do multiple virtual
directories.  But I don't think that's what you're after.  :)

- Billy

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I think I asked the wrong question.
Not synchronization like that but like this:

I have two folders:

Right now, both are physical paths.

Suppose I want any images placed in the above
locations to appear in a third, common location
which may end up being the only physical path
with the above being virtual paths, so that
the new path is D:\SUB

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