[thelist] Bothering with browsers?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 29 14:43:31 CST 2001

> From: "Johannah Hubal" <johannah at hubal.com>
> To what extent are you guys browser-testing? Are you bothering with the new
> MSN browser, or the Lycos browser, different versions of AOL, webtv, etc?

well, many of the newly branded browsers are really just skins on 
top of IE, or in some cases Mozilla... given that, just keep the core 
browser sans branding skin and you should be all set...

as for AOL, i have access to some installs, same with WebTV, and 
yes, i do test...

ultimately you'll get a good feel for what works and where it 
works... a lot of the problems will fall away...

there's a handy, if a bit outdated, article at evolt.org by our own 
eearily prolific marting burns:


> Anyway. With every portal developing its own browser, what do you do?
> Thoughts?

just use their core engine for testing... IE or Mozilla...

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