[thelist] Waaaay OT: Remote Access

Bailey, Dan DBailey at digitalinsurance.com
Mon Jan 29 17:00:31 CST 2001

I promise that this will be my last OT post for awhile.  I have a serious

At home, I have two systems, one cable modem, and an unused analog modem.
Right now, the Mac is linked to the cable modem, and I'm running router
software on my Mac.  The second NIC in the Mac is linked to a hub, to which
my Windows ME box is attached.

In that Windows ME box is an unused analog (phoneline) modem.  What I'd like
to be able to do is to dial into that modem while I'm on the road and make
my laptop or PDA part of the network, and thereby able to use my network's
outbound link.

(If you're not following what it boils down to is: I want to make my own
one-phone-line ISP, using my Windows ME box as the PPP or DHCP server.)

Anyone have any ideas on what approach to take to doing this?

-- Dan

Dan Bailey
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Digital Insurance
dbailey at digitalinsurance.com
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