[thelist] Search engine strategy? Something smart or chuckleheaded?

Joe Crawford {From the iBook} jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Jan 30 02:35:31 CST 2001

I got an email from a client who wants my advice on some strategies for
Search Engine placement he has heard about. Anyone care to comment on these?

IMO these are interesting, but probably more trouble than they're worth.

Any and all feedback appreciated.
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<excerpt src="[[names changed to protect the innocent]]">
I attended a conference last year, and the [[creative professional]] who
gave it was a internet wiz.  He had several tricks for getting the top of
the page in search engines, one of which was to use many different domain
names, with forwarding for each one.  Each domain name would be hosted on a
host-for-free site, and each domain would have a different set of meta tags
and use pages of text formatted in an artful manner, so the webbots would
look at the page's "content" and capture the first few paragraphs of text.
The search engine would then forward the searcher to that page, which would
bounce over to his primary site.

It this still a valid method?

Can I use a service like Registerfly.com or directnic.com which sell
domain names cheap and offer free forwarding and free pages, and just
register all my names [[johndoe]], [[johndoe creative professional]],
[[johnthegreatestcreativeprofessionalintheworld.com with ghost text?  I
should register all the likely search names anyway.

Whaddya think?
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Anyone care to comment on these techniques or have any more information on
the theory behind it? Would I be derelict in my duty if I threw up my hands
in disgust about what seems like spamdexing?

Thanks in advance!

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