[thelist] Search engine strategy? Something smart orchuckleheaded?

Martin Kuplens-Ewart martin at graphicist.com
Tue Jan 30 03:07:31 CST 2001

Personally i believe that the whole ghosting a site is pretty

... it's cheating. fair and simple...

...the best strategy is to do a bloody good job on the site... write
your content well, etc...

...and whatever you do, if you do go with ghosting, don't submit the
ghosts to dmoz.org..... as an editor there i can tell you that the
site the ghosts link to would most likely be blacklisted... hence no
listing at all...
...anyways, so yeah...

<tip type="search engine strategy">
Don't create "ghost" domains to try and trick search engines into
giving you a higher placement... it sucks. it's unethical and by golly
it's ugly... it's one of those "no, " $clientname ", we will not do
this thing you saw demo'd at InternetShowX in your local covention
centre." thangs.

<tip type="quoting emails">
If you're gonna quote your client's emails for a discussion, it is
often a good idea to check with them to get their permission... it's
one of those weird politeness things...

Hey, i think i've earned myself two off-topic posts.... kewl!


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> Joe Crawford {From the iBook} wrote:
> > Anyone care to comment on these techniques or have any more
information on
> > the theory behind it? Would I be derelict in my duty if I threw up
my hands
> > in disgust about what seems like spamdexing?
> It just seems like something a porn site would do...
> As a total aside why is it that my spell checker knows how to spell
> but it doesn't know how to spell "Luddite"?
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