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Jason E. Burk jasonb at halstead-architects.com
Tue Jan 30 10:26:32 CST 2001

thanks for the input.  i know it has some inconsistencies, but for now it will

a couple responses:

John Corry wrote:

> My print shop has graphic artists on staff to help me pre-press my jobs: If
> I thought they were responsible for the inconsistent alignment (centered,
> left) and poor typography ( *8* character paragraph indents for god's sake!)
> on your site...I wouldn't let them anywhere near my letterhead job.

you're going to have to explain why a character paragraph indent is bad enough
for a [for god's sake!] exclamation!  most customers / people buying printing,
first off, wouldn't have a clue why *8* character paragraph indents make for bad
representation, and secondly wouldn't know a refined, eloquently designed piece
if it suffocated them.

> The mouseovers only work on the first page (IE 5.5, Win 2000).


thanks to everyone for your observations.

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