[thelist] Design Exchange Awards

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Jan 30 12:15:32 CST 2001

"Formerly the Design Effectiveness Awards, the National Post Design
Exchange Awards have marked their eighth year as the only multidisciplinary
competition in Canada recognizing design excellence.  The awards are
intended to foster appreciation in businesses and the public of design

(but don't go to the national post or design exchange websites, both of
which, in my humble opinion, are seriously flawed, and neither of which
links to the recent awards)

award categories included industrial products, consumer products,
furniture, interiors, etc., and in the interactive/new media category
("software, animation and special effects, Web and multi-media design"),
the winners were

gold: http://urbanhound.com by crescent internet inc.

silver: http://ckua.com by red engine inc.

merit: drop the beat, by extendmedia inc. (a tv show, with a companion
website http://www.dropthebeat.com/)

of course, the newspaper section describing the competition and awards
contained many ads, including one from redengine which i found pretty
cheeky -- it was one of those coupons you cut out and redeem...

    SAVE $20
    That's right! For  limited time only Redengine is
    offering $20 off any complete WEB DEVELOPMENT
    package of $100,000 or more.  But hurry, this
    extraordinary offer can't last long!


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