[thelist] Search engines and dynamic sites using query strings

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Tue Jan 30 15:41:32 CST 2001

A way you can get around having to create static pages is to look for the string .asp/ in the URL and if you find it, loop through a list of everything after that string using "/" as a delimiter ... this way you can change


It's possible with ColdFusion, and I assume ASP as well.

Example, in CF:


Try it out, hours of fun:


>I have been doing a little research on the issue of search engines and
>dynamic sites that use query strings in their URLs. From what I have read on
>the subject
>(http://www.business2.com/content/channels/marketing/2000/06/01/12283, for
>example) and seen from the results of searches for my company's site on the
>major search engines, only Google touches pages that use query strings.
>A possible solution (perhaps read: hack) I came up with for the search
>engine issue is to write an ASP script that creates static HTML pages of all
>the pages of the site, which are for the search engines to index.

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