[thelist] Web Content Manager qualifications

aphelan (Andrea Phelan) aphelan at confederationc.on.ca
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Depending on their qualifications and job description, quite likely.
I work with Instructional Designers daily, who are usually teachers, or
persons with a Masters or PhD in English.
It is their job to create the content for the websites (online courses), it
is my job to create the website, and to enlighten them as to what they can
or cannot do. A good general rule is to tell them, 'idealize what you want,
if I can't do it, I'll let you know'. Generally speaking they rarely come up
with idea's that aren't compatible with an internet environment. I also find
it becomes increasingly my role to come up with innovative solutions and
suggestions, broadening my horizons, and theirs.
After a few projects the content managers/instructional designers tend to
catch on to how the internet works. They still never have to know a bleep
about HTML, and to be perfectly frank, the less they know, the better.
Your job is your job, their job is theirs. The more they know, the more they
poke their nose into what you're doing, and thats bad for everyone.


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A simple question:

Someone who doesn't know that HTML can make words
italic and will display a asterisk, do they deserve to
be a Web Content Manager?

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