[thelist] protecting self from crazy patents

M. Shane DeVault shane.devault at centurytel.com
Tue Jan 30 16:02:32 CST 2001

I don't think it's necessary to transfer liability.

Ebay, for example, is patenting something that is so generic only *their
code* can be used in the patent, since it was a pre-existing technology.

I mean, I couldn't patent a hammer--but I could patent a new kind of hammer.

Same with other things...I think litigation will get absolutely rediculous
before long...if it's not alreadyt here, but I don't think ebay will be able
to sue everyone who uses thumbnail images...that's jsut absurd.


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> Does anybody else here worry about potential liability for patent
> infringement? IE, Amazon's One-Click, the gif patent, eBay's pending
> patent on thumbnail galleries - yes indeed, check it out:
> http://pages.ebay.com/help/basics/g-gallery.html)
> I've been trying to come up with wording for a clause in my contracts
> to transfer potential liability to the client that doesn't read like
> I'm willfully violating a patent (er, wait - I am!)
> Does anybody have such a clause? Would appreciate it if it could be
> posted to list if so.
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