[thelist] Bothering with browsers?

arch mayday1999 at zdnetonebox.com
Tue Jan 30 16:03:33 CST 2001

As for me,, following common sense, I would consider three potential
“bothering with browsers” scenarios:

- Target audience research based on the clients’ traffic logs/stats/browser
(if they have any for their site)
- Target audience research based on stats of similar web sites
(if it’s a new site or client doesn’t have any stats for existing site)
- Impossible task of developing sites that look and work right in ALL
existing browsers.

To be honest with ya, I usually skip the last one and do testing for
and 1024x768 in:

- Netscape 3,4,6 (win/mac)
- IE 4 and up (win/mac)

Hope this helps,

::: Arthur Chidlovski :::

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