[thelist] Best way to resell hosting?

Beau Hartshorne beau at gohothouse.com
Tue Jan 30 16:07:32 CST 2001

I generally have small clients who I do small database driven sites for. An
example would be a site that helps people find courses:


As far as I understand, there are two ways of reselling service in this way:

1. Sell space on your own DB and web accounts.
2. Re-sell accounts.

Option 1 works well as my small clients do not need a great deal of DB or
web space to host their sites. The drawback is that it adds administrative
overhead (Hi, can you please remove so and so's email alias?) and eventually
everyone wants FTP access for one reason or another (which is usually
difficult in this set-up.)

Option 2 would be great, but it's usually expensive.

So are there any providers that offer mySQL/php web hosting service at a
reasonable cost? I am looking for a reliable, simple to manage host that
provides good support.


Thank you,


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