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Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Jan 30 16:08:01 CST 2001

"aphelan (Andrea Phelan)" wrote:
> After a few projects the content managers/instructional designers tend to
> catch on to how the internet works. They still never have to know a bleep
> about HTML, and to be perfectly frank, the less they know, the better.
> Your job is your job, their job is theirs. The more they know, the more they
> poke their nose into what you're doing, and thats bad for everyone.

I will add that, when they *don't* - and are also responsible for the
management of engineering functions, it's very painful to work with and
for them.

I quit a job because the manager of content was clueless and it made
everyone under that person unhappy and resentful as we were represented
to upper management by a person who hadn't a clue what we were trying to
communicate and do.

As to the original question - *asterisks* are a legit way to provide
*emphasis* - but in most circumstances representing emphasis would be
accomplised with <strong> or <em> (or their look-and-feel cousins <b>
and <i>. *asterisks* have other meanings, and depending on your audience
you may want to keep it simple.

	- Joe
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