[thelist] Best way to resell hosting?

Ronald W. Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Tue Jan 30 16:20:32 CST 2001


My company can help you out.  Call me at the toll free below to discuss reseller
plans with me.

Ron D.

Beau Hartshorne wrote:

> I generally have small clients who I do small database driven sites for. An
> example would be a site that helps people find courses:
> http://www.three-etraining.bc.ca/
> As far as I understand, there are two ways of reselling service in this way:
> 1. Sell space on your own DB and web accounts.
> 2. Re-sell accounts.
> Option 1 works well as my small clients do not need a great deal of DB or
> web space to host their sites. The drawback is that it adds administrative
> overhead (Hi, can you please remove so and so's email alias?) and eventually
> everyone wants FTP access for one reason or another (which is usually
> difficult in this set-up.)
> Option 2 would be great, but it's usually expensive.
> So are there any providers that offer mySQL/php web hosting service at a
> reasonable cost? I am looking for a reliable, simple to manage host that
> provides good support.
> Suggestions?
> Thank you,
> Beau
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