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Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Jan 30 16:23:32 CST 2001

"aphelan (Andrea Phelan)" wrote:
> Generally speaking, the person who is unable to 'catch on' to the
> intricacies of their job has overstepped their boundaries.
> Do they have to know HTML? No. Do they have to understand the concept of
> your job and the direction of the project? Most definently!

Precisely the problem I and my team experienced. You don't have to be
able to *do* and *understand* every task I do, but you damn well better
understand that doing a marketing campaign where lots of different
people get lots of different username/passwords will require us to
notify the database admin. And indeed, you might want to talk to your
team before giving a time estimate to management.

On a team, people have to have some foggy idea how their decisions will
impact the other members of the team.

Not understanding the greater impacts  - on designers, on engineers, on
database folk - of "well we'll just add an extra search box for that
function" without understanding that such things take *time* is painful
for everyone involved.

Am i sounding bitter? I'm really over it, I swear. ;-)

	- Joe
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