[thelist] database and FTP

Jeff Dale slumpy at home.com
Tue Jan 30 17:06:40 CST 2001

1. I am freelancing on a web design contract.  The client would like to
have on the new website a function that takes basic user information
that the user inputs in an html form, and automatically either uploads
or updates that users information in an existing MS Access database.
The site will be posted on a unix server.

First, as I am primarily a designer, I am wondering the best way to
achieve this in a cost effective manner.
Second, I am wondering about a general ballpark cost for this work.
What would be a reasonable price to pay someone if I were to Sub
Contract this work out?

2.  They are also wondering about having an FTP site to share large
files between two offices.  This site would be password protected so
that only the people in the organization could access it.   What it
amounts to is a large bulletin board.  The site needs to be able to
accept a posted article from a user, and display it accessibly for
others in the two offices which are in separate parts of the world.

My questions are essentially the same, how would you achieve this cost
effectively, and what is a reasonalbe price to pay for creating and
implementing something like this?

Any information offered on these two topics will be very helpful.
Thanks to all


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