[thelist] form field to text file?

Herzog, Ari Ari_Herzog at Instron.com
Tue Jan 30 17:39:31 CST 2001

Why do you want to have the text file be re-written with every submission?

Client-side, I'd think either Javascript or CGI.
But why not perl if you run it on the server?

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Greeting, List...

Here is the scenario:

Visitor opens page with form
Visitor types stuff into single scrolling text box
Visitor presses "Submit"
A .txt file is generated with the text inputted

The txt file should be written over with every submission, i.e. only hold
the last info submitted

The problem is it has to be client side (no perl, alas alas!) which makes me
think I'm left with JavaScript, maybe?

Or am I actually left with a pipe dream and not a chance in hell?

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