[thelist] Form element taking up too much space.

Rachell Coe rachell at coeville.com
Tue Jan 30 17:55:32 CST 2001

Despite setting fixed table cell heights, setting the valign attributes to 
bottom, and taking out any possible spaces, the table cell with my form 
list (Quick Product Search:) keeps putting the form attribute at the top of 
the cell and making it taller than I want it to.

Is this just something that form coding does and I don't have any control 
over it?  Or is there something I can do that will keep the cell at a fixed 
height of 28 pixels and valigned in the middle?

The page is at: http://www.coeville.com/galaxyglass/designshell1.html and 
the area I'm concerned about is the one with the Quick Product Search list.

Any help would definitely be appreciated!

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