[thelist] Online Resume

gyrus gyrus at mail.com
Tue Jan 30 18:55:31 CST 2001

FWIW, here's my recently rebuilt online CV:

I think on the web you either go for a single-page
deal, or utilise the unique possiblities of the web
to present yourself. Which seems like a good idea -
the medium becomes the message! But as there's
no standards in online resumes/CVs, as there kind
of are in print, it can be hard deciding how to balance
innovation against accessibility. Again, good practice!

Amanda wrote:
> I have a .txt file for my printable version.

Same here. All agents I speak to want a Word doc, but
ASCII's as portable as it gets, so I think it's more useful.
And hey, Word opens .txt files ;-)

- Gyrus
gyrus at mail.com
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