[thelist] ARGH! NN blows up my table layout!!

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Jan 30 22:42:32 CST 2001

>...Somehow, NN 4.0 and 4.75 is blowing up my layout table.
> There's a huge line of mouseover code in the <a> tags,
> but that's all I can think of

hi john

welcome to de swamp!!!

can you explain "blowing up" -- i don't see the effect, and the rollover
code looks okay -- where exactly is the layout not right?

i'm not saying i'll be able to fix it, because of the, ahem, profligate use
of colspans and rowspans -- you may want to turn on the table border just
to double-check to make sure you got the right number of each...

by the way, the page loads *real* slow, and it might help if you started
preloading the rollover images inline, rather than wait until the rest of
the page was fully loaded


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