[thelist] Best way to resell hosting?

Philippe J philippejadin2 at swing.be
Wed Jan 31 05:47:32 CST 2001

> Option 2 would be great, but it's usually expensive.
> So are there any providers that offer mySQL/php web hosting service at a
> reasonable cost? I am looking for a reliable, simple to manage host that
> provides good support.
> Suggestions?

[sorry if it sounds like an ad, I have nothing to do with this host]

Well, I found that the reseller package at http://www.php4hosting.com
is quite good.
I got 300 mb, unlimited domains names, sub domains... for 50$ a month. The
300 mb is not really impressive, what is trully good is the fact that you
can add as many domains as you want. I found no plan like this elsewhere.
The support is efficient.

Here is what I found in one of the firsts emails I got from them :

[some ad may follow...]

You'll get
* Web control panel
* Your Own IP address
* Unlimited accounts
* Automated account creation/removal
* Account password changes
* FrontPage 2000 Server Extension (install/reinstall)
* SSL support using https://secure1.ssl-it.net/resellerdomain.com
* Multiple domain support on accounts
* Sub domains support for your customers (I.E.
* MySQL support (Root access to your instance and a web control panel for
easy database creation)
* Automatic DNS updates (When you add domains the DNS servers will be
* You can also purchase SSL support for customers
* blablabla...


I didn't have any chance to test the reliability of the host, because my
dialup access sucks.

If anyone is interested in testing this host (I have no idea how to do this
without a good xdsl line for example),
_I would be very interested by the results they got (ping, pong, ping
pong?... :-)_


You could check this with either their main site, or to have a real customer
site with 123piano.com (my little site).

Hope this helps


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