[thelist] form field to text file?

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Wed Jan 31 06:24:32 CST 2001

Use a cookie! There are tons of examples on how to do so with javascript on
the web...

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> Greeting, List...
> Here is the scenario:
> Visitor opens page with form
> Visitor types stuff into single scrolling text box
> Visitor presses "Submit"
> A .txt file is generated with the text inputted
> The txt file should be written over with every submission, i.e. only hold
> the last info submitted
> The problem is it has to be client side (no perl, alas alas!) which makes
> think I'm left with JavaScript, maybe?
> Or am I actually left with a pipe dream and not a chance in hell?
> --Bri
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