[thelist] Search engines and dynamic sites using query strings

Niklaus Haldimann n.haldimann at derbund.ch
Wed Jan 31 08:40:32 CST 2001

hi dan.

i just suggested to our sysadmin to setup a similar 404-thingie on our
server, since it's been bugging me for a long time that all our URL's have
query strings. he replied, he couldn't do it because it screws up our
statistics (we run LiveStats). how do you solve that problem on evolt.org?
how do you generate access reports?


djc wrote:
>we had the same problem when we redesigned the evolt.org site a couple 
>months back.. Lots of content, but spiders weren't getting to it because 
>of our query string URL's.. We ended up doing our own hack with CF that 
>passes every page through a 404 document which grabs URL params out of 
>the URL string and passes them to a template that parses the relevant 
>info out of them.. So what used to be the spider unfriendly
>is now the spider happy

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