[thelist] Old Shockwave installers

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Wed Jan 31 09:07:32 CST 2001


Does anyone know if it's possible to download old versions of the
Shockwave plugin? I've had a look all over the MM site and can only find
the current installer.

Specifically I'm looking for the ones that install version 7.0 and
7.0.021 of dirapi.dll and iml32.dll (Win32).

I'm trying to debug a Director project (I didn't build it, who ever did
has obviously never heard of testing) that keeps crashing on certain
machines. So far the only common link is the version of Shockwave installed. 

Works fine with version 6 and 8, but 7 seems to causing GPF's in
iml32.dll. Which I can't understand as the CD has all the dlls needed.
Why would it be looking at what plugins are installed?



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