[thelist] Best way to resell hosting?

Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Wed Jan 31 10:50:32 CST 2001

> Also, to get to JTLNet's control panel, you go to
> yourdomain.com/controlpanel.  But to get to ReadyHosting's
> control panel, you have to go to
> http://controlpanel.readyhosting.com which, if you're reselling
> it to clients, might A) make the URL hard for them to remember
> and B) make the fact that you *are* reselling a bit more
> transparent than you might like.
> --ray

Very good points - I've never seen JTLNet, so I have no basis of comparison.
I would like to mention, though, that I don't offer the control panel to
clients - that's what they are paying me the big bucks for!  I agree with
the annoyance of having to email readyhosting for each password protected
directory, etc. that I need, but they always respond quickly, so I haven't
been *too* annoyed.

Robin Hastings
WebMistress InterTec Designs
robin at rhastings.net

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