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Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Wed Jan 31 10:55:32 CST 2001

> maybe the grey matter is a bit muddy this morning, but...
> what typically happens after you submit an email address to a "mailing
> list"?  is the email address parsed into a huge file using some fancy
> server side scripting?  i'm assuming that one must use server side
> scripting of some sort to automate the process...i can't imagine that
> someone sits around typing email addresses into a huge list.
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I can only speak from my experience using Mercury Mail, but the SMTP server
(Mercury, in my case) includes mailing list software that automatically adds
all email addresses to the "membership" list. I put a form on my website,
point it to the proper email address (found in the mail server docs), and
the server does the rest. I run an announcement only list for the local
library and it works flawlessly - without me having to add a single email

Robin Hastings
robin at rhastings.net

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