[thelist] ARGH! NN blows up my table layout!!

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Wed Jan 31 14:26:48 CST 2001

well, as the vendor, i'm one of the two parties who determines

if i write bad code and i spend a day figuring out that i wrote bad
code cuz it won't work in a browser, i eat that time...

yep...same here. My plea for billable time was a dream. When I agreed to do
this job, the scope called for an HTML version of the site that looked and
acted like the Flash version (it didn't occur to me how idiotic that concept
was until I was faced with producing the whole thing). So, that production
work falls under the direct quote I gave the client. I don't get to up my
price because it becomes harder than I thought it would be...anymore than I
get to up my price if a client is more difficult to deal with than the
average human client.

<tip type=production>
Every site is different, and requires a different approach, but generally...
My non-patented production path:
1) comps are done in Illustrator/Freehand...VECTOR COMPS ARE YOUR FRIEND!Q
2) When a visual direction/comp is firmly decided on, I clean up my .ai
file, paying attention to what objects are placed on what layer.
(incidentally, if Illustrator has proven too daunting in the past, upgrade
to v9.x...its finally easy!
3) export to .psd preserving layers/editable text
4) do your photoshop specific stuff...bevel/emboss/satin to your hearts
5) Slice, export optimized
6) open in the HTML tool of your choice and start adding nested tables!

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