[thelist] ARGH! NN blows up my table layout!!

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 31 14:44:50 CST 2001

> From: zac <zac at pixelgeek.com>
> How do you propose that people know the difference between "bad code" and
> something "brand new"?
> If I run into a particular style of coding that won't work in a certain
> browser (for whatever reason) and I have to determine the source of the
> error how is that any different than learning a new skill?

ultimately it's developer discretion... you have to know where the 
boundaries are  make good calls when you're in the grey...

for instance, if i spend three hours trying to get a chunk of JS to 
work in NN, then that's normal billable time... if i find it didn't work 
because i left out a semi-colon, that's a code error...

if it takes you 5 hours to hand-code a page, that's one thing... if 
you create a page in FrontPage and it takes 5 hours to clean the 
code, that's another...

everyone may have different takes on it, but the overall point is to 
*not* bilk the client when you know that you've screwed up... it's all 
about web karma...

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