[thelist] Another Dumb CSS Question

Mark Hadley mail at mark-hadley.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jan 31 16:47:48 CST 2001

Hi Rudy,

> you mean, other than specifying SIZE=n on the SELECT tag, where n is the
> number of OPTIONs you want?   pick n large enough and no scrollbar appears

No, I still want to dropdown to be a single line of text in it's unselected
state, but in it's 'open/over' state, if you have more than a few options,
you get to the upper limit of the dropdown box size. IE seems to only allow
11 lines of text  i.e. 11 options before it shows a scroll-bar , and
netscape seems to go up to 20 before it shows one.

I just wondered if there was a CSS attribute for it



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